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"The IRS must collect revenue for the government. They are interested in you being a productive citizen and have the same goal as you: finding an amicable solution to get you back to normal."

The IRS wants you back on track.

The IRS is one of the most powerful agencies in the world and they can make your life easier or much harder. Of course, everyone who is being chased by the IRS wants the easiest way out.

What many people don’t realize, however, is that the IRS would prefer that you get back on track with tax filing and payments on your own, as easily as possible. The main aim is to get you back to being a productive taxpayer, after all.

The best time to hire a tax attorney is before you need one, but at the very least, you should get one as soon as possible after the IRS notifies you of a problem. A qualified tax attorney such as myself can help you get back on track as quickly as possible.

With the right attorney, you will get back to normal as quickly as possible, which is exactly what you and the IRS want. Let me bring you back to where you and the IRS want you to be.

Acting now prevents future headaches.

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Tax Issues Are Not a MysteryUnderstanding an obstacle allows you to overcome it.

Delinquent tax filings should never be ignored. We will find the best way to get out from under the IRS’ thumb.

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If your spouse has failed to report income or has reported income improperly, you might be able to prove that you are not responsible. We will get to the bottom of things and find out if this is an option for you.

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If you don’t take immediate action to deal with a payroll tax issue, you will likely find yourself out of business. Learn more about all of the consequences payroll tax problems can carry.

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When a tax lien is filed against you, it is a frightening and confusing time. But the worst thing you can do, is do nothing.

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If the IRS files a tax assessment against you, they may attempt to garnish your wages. We will try to get the IRS to stop the garnishment.

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Sometimes, the IRS will try to collect money via the use of a bank levy. We can help find a resolution to your tax debt that doesn’t leave you financially crippled

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An Offer in Compromise is an agreement between you and the IRS which states that the government will that is will accept less than the total owed to clear your debt.

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Learn more about what the potential costs of an Offer in Compromise might be when you need to pay the IRS less than what you owe.

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Find out if you qualify for a payment to the IRS that is less than the full amount of what you owe in delinquent taxes.

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An IRS payment plan is a written agreement to satisfy your tax liabilities through affordable monthly payments. We have a deep understanding of the IRS and can devise a plan for you.

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What my past clients have to say

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His admirable blend of personal maturity and professional knowledge solidly establish him as highly effective when dealing with the IRS on behalf of his clients.

Walter G.
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Bill, I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone finding themselves in a difficult situation with the IRS because I know they would receive the very best counsel and defense possible.

William S.
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They are honest, straight forward, highly competent, as well as compassionate. They have my highest and most sincere recommendation.

Howard B.

I pride myself on providing service & being easy to reach.

I listen thoroughly to understand and design the right solution for you.

In the United States, the tax system at both the federal and state level is largely a self-assessment process. By filing a tax return, you tell the IRS how much you owe in taxes and they will either accept that assessment or audit you. When they reject it, they will contact you to let you know. If they audit you, you need legal counsel immediately.

I strive to make sure you have a fair shot at leveling the playing field between you and the IRS. I have the knowledge of IRS policies and practices that is needed to make sure you get a fair shake with the largest collection agency anywhere. I will listen to you and assess every aspect of your financial life to find the best possible solution for you as an individual or your business.

I work closely with every client to make sure I understand their goals for their lives or their businesses. I sit down with each and every client to assess their personal needs and then work with them to resolve tax problems they currently face. I also assist them from encountering tax problems in the future by helping them devise long-term tax strategies that will maximize their tax efficiency and their profits, if applicable. 

We are available every step of the way.

By constantly incorporating our tax knowledge at every point in the process, I can help everyone avoid IRS interference at every turn. I am fully committed to offering the best available legal tax counsel every step of the way.