I am a current client of the Smith and Davis Law Firm. I would like to express my absolute gratitude for the work they have done on my behalf. They are honest, straight forward, highly competent, as well as compassionate. They have my highest and most sincere recommendation.

-Howard B.

My wife and I came to your company for tax assistance. We brought a balance that was well above the amount that was negotiable with the IRS. We met with you and your assistant Julia to discuss our options for a resolve to the issue. You and Julia agreed to help us reduce the amount due to penalties and interest that was accrued while we were trying to put a payment plan in place by ourselves. You accepted this task at a fair fee that was within our budget. We so appreciate the help and patience you have given us.

-Tim and Lisa O.

We appreciate the way William Smith's law firm helped my family navigate through the challenges of an IRS audit. We find their advice in various legal matters beneficial to our concerns.

-Gerald & Monique W.

William Smith is something unique in this day and age; honest and hard-working. Mr. Smith not only gave me great advice on my tax situation, he actually provided me a roadmap for the future. Mr. Smith initiated an "Offer and Compromise" to the IRS which allowed me to pay pennies on the dollar. This allowed me to continue a modest lifestyle without having to file bankruptcy or liquidate all my assets. More gentlemen in the legal arena need to adopt Mr. Smith's philosophy: Be honest with me and I'll help you all I can. Mr. Smith is indeed a breath of fresh air in today's stale, legal society.

-Lonnie R.

Bad things do happen to good people. My wife's battle with cancer compounded by my job loss during a period in my life made it very difficult for me to address the normal issues families face. When the IRS sent a demand notice for $30,000 for that period, at a time when my wife was struggling with her second bought of breast cancer, I felt like the boxer ready to take the eight count. 

My wife was forty-two and the children were 10, 11 and 12 and the IRS was sending very threatening letters. The situation was not good. I contacted you at this point.

I don't think we normally expect the kind of consideration you showed me from lawyers. Your sensitivity and willingness to manage all my IRS issues so I could focus on my family was very important. Without promising a guaranteed certain outcome, you helped me understand that it would be a very much better situation and I would be able to handle it. As it turned out, you were able to engineer an excellent accommodation for me while also shielding my family during this difficult time.

Bill, I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone finding themselves in a difficult situation with the IRS because I know they would receive the very best counsel and defense possible.

-William S.

I have worked with him since February 2006, regarding a tax problem. His admirable blend of personal maturity and professional knowledge solidly establish him as highly effective when dealing with the IRS on behalf of his clients. I take great pleasure in commending him as a person and a dedicated professional that specializes in tax problem resolution.

-Warren G.